Tatjana Samuele Ban

Tatjana was born in Pula, Croatia; she is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

After her training of calisthenics and ballet with Sergio Donati, she specialized in modern dance and jazz dance. She attended the Faculty of Italian Literature at the Juraj Dobrila University, also participating in a number of dance workshops throughout Croatia.

She has collaborated with several choreographers in many projects, and started Art Dance, a dance centre in Pula, which was awarded in several international competition. She has worked extensively as a dance teacher, and created choreographies for various performances, such as “Me, Myself And She”, “Rješimo Sve Plesom” and “Influence”.

Her activity includes pedagogy and working with children, she is also involved in various workshops for actors. She has run courses of movement on stage for INK Theatre of Pula, followed by the recitals “Šifra tata” and “Geni su geni”.


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